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Benefits of blockchain and how blockchain-based company works?

Just like other evolving technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, blockchain technology has been introducing many solutions that go beyond cryptocurrency focus. The major strengths of blockchain are its features that allow users with decentralised storage, traceability, transparency and immutability. Educational institutions implementing blockchain technology in their system get complete accessibility to knowledge, streamlined management processes, digital educational certificates, smart contracts and many incentives through rewards. More and more schools, colleges and universities are integrating blockchain with QR to simplify the learning process and survive in this competitive environment. 

New technologies proving advantageous in classrooms

According to a recent study, improvements have been seen in the classrooms implementing several technologies. Around 92 per cent of teachers said that technology can have a big impact on how pupils learn as well as interact with them and other students. One of the potential technologies impacting the process of learning is ” Blockchain”. It has been improving overall educational methods and experience for teachers and pupils.

How blockchain-based companies can transform the education sector?

a) By increasing transparency

The immutable ledger technology of blockchain forms a chronological list of events that have risen in real-time. It is very useful to verify the transcripts, show report cards etc. students can easily submit their homework through blockchain by guaranteeing they can not change or lose them.

b) Implementing “SMART CONTRACTS”

University administrators, teachers and pupils can efficiently engage in smart contracts. Through this system powered by blockchain technology, both teachers and students can enter into a digital agreement. It can help in setting down parameters of the assignment, grading deadline, due dates of homework and so on. You can use smart contacts for loan payments too.

c) Improves transparent record-keeping

Immutable blockchain storage of blockchain helps in creating records of pupils only once then after that, data becomes accessible to every participant of an educational institute. Counsellors, teachers along with school administrators can have a view of the progress of students. 

d) Keeps track of academic data

Blockchain technology keeps track of your academic records and only the authorised users can add data like marks in the blockchain. Validating data is also easy.With the help of a certificates validation QR code, you can validate your educational certificates.

What are the key features you must look for in a blockchain education company?

Companies offering blockchain-based document security services must streamline your education process and must have the following features:

> Easy Adoption

> Immutable and Verifiable

> Blockchain security

> Visual examination

How do blockchain-based companies secure documents?

Companies like Proofeasy can offer a secure interface for organisations to convey and receive valuable educational documents in secure centralised databases. It does not require any enterprise-level software. Have a look at the process:

> At first submit your documents

> QR code is placed

> Hash is generated

> URL gets stored in a secured database

> Its the time to share & download We hope this blog has given a brief about the importance of blockchain and how blockchain-based education companies secure data. You can secure your digital education documents seamlessly in a tamper-proof way.

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